Every tornado, captured.

There were at least
15 tornadoes
in the US
during December 2011
Three states were
impacted by tornadoes:
--> 7
--> 6
--> 2
The strongest tornado occurred
in northwestern Georgia, with
estimated maximum winds of 150mph.
These tornadoes traveled a total
distance of 58.83 miles, and
had a median width of 150 yards.
December tornadoes claimed
no lives, and injured four people.

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12.20 - Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana - SulphurDailyNews.com
12.22 - Shelby County, Alabama - Kalisha Whitman - alabamas13.com
12.22 - Autauga and Elmore Counties, Alabama - Brett Adair (YouTube user BamaStormChaser)
12.22 - Floyd County, Georgia - CoosaValleyNews.com (YouTube user MainstreeTV)
12.22 - Floyd, Gordon and Bartow Counties, Georgia - myfoxatlanta.com
12.23 - Fayette County, Georgia - John Munford - TheCitizen.com