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There have not yet been any United States tornadoes during May 2013.

 04.29.13 - 05.05.13

Recent tornado activity across the United States continues to be much below normal, although several remarkable videos have nonetheless surfaced during the past week.

Most notably, Doyle Hancock and Matt Landry captured this long-lived, but thankfully non-damaging tornado in deep southern Texas during the early afternoon on Monday, April 29, 2013.

There are many websites with tons of great information related to preparing yourself and your family for tornadoes and severe weather. Below is a small sample, which each feature a different angle on providing tornado safety tips.
The American Red Cross is always accepting donations on behalf of survivors of all types of disasters across the United States, including the recent St. Louis, MO and eastern Mississippi storms, via their website. Donations can also be made to the Red Cross general disaster fund at any time via text message. Text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

First Response Team of America is a relief organization that provides disaster response services free of charge to impacted regions across the United States. There are numerous ways to contribute to this worthy cause listed on their website.

Storm Assist is a collaborative effort by storm chasers to provide aid to communities directly impacted by damaging weather events. They donate to smaller, local organizations on the ground level in direct response to severe weather events on a case by case basis as they occur.

As of the 0550UTC update on Thursday, May 2, 2013:
There have been approximately 185 confirmed United States tornadoes so far during 2013. The final tally will be determined by the National Weather Service, and will be released during the coming months.

            --  22 different states have been impacted by tornadoes in 2013 --
 Tennessee--------32    Alabama-----------18    Louisiana--------20    Mississippi-------17
 Oklahoma--------17     Kentucky----------13    Arkansas--------12    Missouri-----------12
 Texas--------------13     Georgia-------------11    Florida--------------5    California-----------3
 Colorado-----------3      Indiana---------------2    Nebraska----------2    Illinois---------------2
 Kansas-------------1      Maryland------------1    New York----------1   So. Carolina-------1
Virginia--------------1      Washington--------1

There were 939 confirmed tornadoes in the United States during 2012, the final tally determined by the National Weather Service. 881 of these are chronicled on this site, and updates continue to be made to fill in the remaining gaps in data.

-- 46 different states were impacted by tornadoes in 2012 --
         Texas -->110        Kansas --> 92       Oklahoma --> 62       Alabama --> 52
    Kentucky --> 42   Mississippi --> 45           Florida --> 44       Nebraska --> 35
    Louisiana --> 45          Illinois --> 29      Minnesota --> 32     Tennessee --> 27
    Missouri  -->  24      Colorado --> 30   No. Carolina --> 21          Indiana --> 18
    Arkansas --> 18             Iowa --> 17          Georgia --> 15       Maryland --> 16
           Ohio --> 13      California --> 11           Virginia --> 11            Penn. --> 12
So. Carolina --> 12
  So. Dakota --> 12         Michigan -->  6       New York -->  6
  No. Dakota -->  8     Wisconsin -->  4          Montana -->  3   New Mexico -->  4
   W. Virginia -->  3            Idaho -->  2         Wyoming -->  4       Delaware -->  1
        Arizona -->  1          Hawaii -->  1              Maine -->  1           Mass. -->  1
  New Jersey -->  1   New Hamp. -->  2    Rhode Island -->  1          Nevada --> 1
              Utah --> 1       Vermont -->  1  

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Having an encounter with one of Mother Nature's most intriguing weather phenomena is for many a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sometimes it's for the better, and, unfortunately, for some it's for the worse. The pairing of these amazing, sometimes heart-stopping videos with that specific storm's detailed statistics is meant to provide a clearer picture of what tornadoes are really like, and what they are really capable of.

As mentioned earlier, most tornadoes are not captured on film. For the events that direct photo or video evidence could not be found, news videos or articles related to the particular tornado in question are instead provided, if possible. If you know of any pictures or video of any tornadoes covered by the site, but not accompanied by first-hand media, please email tornadoesof@gmail.com with the subject header "I Found a Tornado."

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